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hough inherited Yan Huang's memory, but it is the sword of the Spirit itself as the dominant consciousness.Think past the familiar Yan Huang becomes that cold Yan Huang, Nie Feng mind on a burst of panic, though selfish, but Nie Feng anyway do not want it MBT Sandalen Damen cold Yan Huang will replace the small Yan Huang, in order to make a small Yan Huang can feel at ease handle their own thing, even unprecedented Nie Feng sword into the ring being satisfied. "How it happens? "See Nie Feng sword, his face preoccupied, he went to the little fox suddenly asked Nie Feng's shoulder, heard the little fox asked Nie maple sigh, the Yan Huang happened on a small fox say it again. "Are you saying that black devil became two people, one also likes to kill you? "After listening Nie Feng's words, a small fox MBT Schuhe Kaufen suddenly his eyes Yuan Deng, a look of incredible, after a long time, only a small fox said: "But no matter how they change, black devil is black demons?" "No matter how they change, Yan Huang Yan Huang is it? "Heard a small fox, then it touched the little fox Nie Feng's head, muttering to.Three days passed quickly, when the fourth day of the arrival, Nie Feng Yan Huang breaking the military put retracts ring being satisfied, three days, Yan Huang is still no response, apparently not yet handle personality problems, and when Nie Feng sword recovered after the priest month alone came with offerings Nie Feng outside the room. "How the rest of the time these days? "Into the room, it looked dated priest Nie Feng, chuckled asked. "Very good, very quiet here, no one bothered, and Talkin silk insanity blessing the king, my inner bearing strength is now surging incredible. "Nodded, Nie Feng priest on May said. "Hey, kid, do not forget, you can not use his right hand, otherwise, this is no one can not save you. "Hey smile, Ming MBT Sandalen Nie Feng alone on a sweep said. "Offerings alone predecessors, this should not trouble you take care of it. "For the kind of mocking style offerings alone smile, Nie Feng, already accustomed to, so it does not care offering
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